Awards And Reforms Policy

The School gives Awards to Students Showing Exemplary Performance in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Activities.


Class V-X
• A Scholar Badge shall be awarded to a student who has scored Minimum 85% in all five /six main subject and 85% in aggregate.

Cass XI
• A Scholar Badge shall be awarded to a student who has scored Minimum 85% in every subject and Minimum 85% in aggregate.

Scholar Blazer :
• A Scholar Blazer shall be awarded to a student for Scholar Badge in the third and sixth consecutive year.
• This blazer will be applicable only for the session in which it has been awarded. Under no circumstances will the child be allowed to wear it in the subsequent session.

Gold Medal :
• A Gold medal shall be awarded to a student who has earned Scholar Badge for six consecutive years.

Proficiency certificate :
• A Proficiency Certificate and good books chosen by school shall be awarded to the students scoring the highest and the second highest in each of the main subjects amongst all the sections of class X & XI. If more than one student shares the first proficiency in any subject, the second proficiency gets cancelled.

Eligibility Criteria for a Scholar
• A student should appear and pass in all the scheduled tests in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.
• Class V-XI : If a student has not appeared for the Regular Term Ending Examination he/she is not eligible for the Scholar Awards.
• Appearing in retest makes the eligibility for earning a scholar badge/blazer/gold medal null and void.
-> Each award is earned by an individual student. Under no circumstances, it shall be passed on to siblings or anyone else for personal use. If found out it shall be taken as an act of indiscipline and it will lead to withdrawal of the award.
-> No badges are made for Class XII students but the scholar certificates are issued on request. Class XII students, if eligible for scholar badge or Blazer or Gold Medal leaves the school and takes the Transfer Certificate, the awards will not be issued.
-> Achiever Certificates and badges (Class I to XI) shall b e awarded to a student for
o Achieving 100% attendance
o Showing exemplary Human Values
o Showing Environmental Concern
-> It shall also be awarded for demonstrating exemplary Scholastic and Co-Scholastic achievements.

Note: Any act of indiscipline will lead to withdrawal of Scholar or Achiever Award.

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