Examination Guidelines

Kindly note:
• The Unit test will be held every Wednesday.
• The duration of the test will be 1 Hr. for all classes.
• Syllabus for the Unit Test will be given one week in advance.
• Students must carry required stationery like pens, pencil, scale, geometry box etc
• Students must work on the presentation, handwriting and margins etc. They should write neatly, avoid cutting, draw and label the diagrams neatly and avoid spelling errors.
• Students must follow ethical means and strict action will be taken in case of using unfair means.
• The Unit Tests should be taken seriously. These tests are important preparation grounds towards Term End Examinations.
• Leaves should be avoided on the Unit Test day. In case there is a medical reason, Medical Certificate and Application should be submitted on time.
• No Re-Test will be conducted for any Unit Test (except if the student is On Duty - for any inter school event / activity)
• School will conduct retest of Unit Assessment / Half Yearly Exams only for students on bonafide school duty/additional participation in school sponsored activity and not for family events and medical grounds.
• Parent/Ward is encouraged to constantly discuss/reach out for any assistance on clarification required.
• In case a student misses one unit test due to medical reason/any other genuine unavoidable circumstances, then 75% of the marks of other unit test will be taken as the marks of the unit test that was missed, provided school receives application in advance/ immediately the next day. Bonafide medical papers must be submitted within two days of missed unit test.
• In case a student misses both the unit tests in a semester due to personal/family/medical reasons, no retest will be taken.

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